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Ookoo Media is a San Francisco-based boutique production company. We conduct reflective, guided interviews of loved ones and create engaging video narratives that will be enjoyed today and passed down to future generations.

Living portraits

Clients are interviewed over multiple sessions to tell their stories, anecdotes, and family history in meaningful detail. The content from these sessions is edited down to the best parts, creating a cohesive 60-90 minute video narrative interspersed with memorable photos.

The finished product is published on a set of high-definition DVDs or Blu-ray Discs. All of the unedited footage is also delivered to clients for a complete account of the Ookoo interview experience. The copyright of all filming is retained by clients and the videos will never be used for any other purpose. Privacy is of the utmost importance.


Each living portrait begins with an initial consultation. During this first meeting, we sit down with the client and the client's loved ones without cameras. The consultation helps us understand which stories the client wishes to tell and how the narrative should unfold over the course of our filming sessions. Together we discuss what general topics our interviews should highlight, such as the client's childhood, lineage, family, career, hobbies, personal philosophies, and travels.

Interviews are recorded over the course of multiple days, depending on the client's schedule. We are flexible with where and when the recording is accomplished, and will travel to accommodate a client as necessary. We encourage clients to bring photos and keepsakes they wish to incorporate into their narratives.

Since our goal is to create the most highly customized portrait possible, each Ookoo Media experience is uniquely tailored to capture the client's personality. No two living portraits are alike.


We assembled our filming rig with two priorities in mind: quality and comfort. Our flattering lighting captures clients at their best, while our HD camera's small form factor fits easily within any space and lets even the most camera-shy subject feel at ease.

Example filming setup

Details about our equipment:


Colleen Taylor is a journalist who has conducted interviews with politicians, celebrities, and hundreds of corporate executives over the course of more than five years in media. As a business reporter, she increasingly came to find that the most interesting parts of interviews-- unique anecdotes and personal stories-- were often left "on the cutting room floor" to make room for information about corporate strategy.

In the spring of 2010, Colleen decided to devote herself full-time to Ookoo Media, where she could combine her talent for in-depth interviewing with her growing passion for preserving personal histories. Colleen's professional background and positive attitude put clients at ease. She understands how to speak about sensitive topics with empathy and discretion. She recognizes the value of identifying the formative moments in loved ones' lives through purposeful conversation, and actively listens with patience and respect.

Ookoo Media's name is inspired by the Swahili concept of "ukoo," which in English loosely translates to mean both family and posterity.

For more information on Colleen's experience, you can visit her website or view her professional profile.


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